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September 20th, 2013

The Kindness Pledge Launch At Kindness Day

Headshot: Joel Bacon
Joel Bacon

Wheel of Kindness 9-14On Saturday, September 14, we were honored to be a part of the Day of Kindness, which was sponsored by the Kindness Club at Newtown High School.   Newtown Kindness launched the ‘Kindness Pledge’ by challenging people to be kind to others. We encouraged children to perform good deeds then submit their acts of kindness into our Charlotte Bacon Acts of Kindness Awards program!  In return for their pledge, NK awarded kids free spins on the Kindness Wheel and distributed really cool prizes.

Our Newtown Kindness Art Table was on display, with a focus on our new ‘Sunshine Postcards’, which allows kids to send kindness in the mail to friends or family members!  Thank you to Crayola, and the Marshall family of Sandy Hook, for generously donating to our Children’s Art Table.

With the fall weather coming upon us, we have shifted out of Charlotte’s Lemonade Kits to Charlotte’s Apple Cider. Keith Spencer, NK Event Manager, served up free apple cider to all.  Keep your eye out for Keith at our event tables, because you never know when he will surprise you with cool gift of kindness!  Be sure to look for us at the next event, The Newtown Pumpkin Festival at Fairfield Hills, on October 12. Additionally, we will be launching our new ‘Charlotte’s Litter’ initiative.  Please join us and register as a walker in our upcoming event, Therapy/Comfort Dog Walk A Thon, to be held on November 2.

Headshot: Joel Bacon

Joel Bacon

Joel is the father of two children, Guy and Charlotte, and husband to JoAnn. Joel is a Sr. Project Manager in Development & Engineering for ASML based in Wilton, CT. Education: PhD in Physics from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, Bachelor’s of Science in Chemistry from Gordon University. In his spare time, Joel enjoys trail running, hiking, and gardening. Joel’s favorite things to do with both Charlotte and Guy were attending family classes at Tae Kwon Do and working on small engineering projects around the house.