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February 22nd, 2016

Charlotte Bacon Scholarships

Headshot: Joel Bacon
Joel Bacon

In honor of Charlotte’s 10th birthday, Newtown Kindness and the Bacon family, continue to honor her life by establishing and supporting scholarships in her name.  Two organizations, NC State College of Veterinary Medicine and the MISS

The Charlotte Bacon Veterinary Education Scholarship is awarded to 1st – 3rd year veterinarian students with significant service to children in an educational or community setting.  It is our goal to see this scholarship reach endowment and thereby graduating generations of veterinarians who are inspired by Charlotte’s legacy of kindness and love for animals. To help us achieve this goal you may follow this link to make a donation in Charlotte’s name:

The Charlotte Helen Bacon Selah Scholarship is a scholarship that will help a bereaved couple that is grieving a death of a child.  The couple will attend the annual Selah Retreat offered through the MISS Foundation. Selah translates: Pause, Reflect – Fully Inhabited Grief.  The MISS Foundation has been a great source of support to the Bacon family.  They are honored to help another family discover the MISS Foundation and support this family’s grief journey as they honor and remember their beloved child.  For more information on the Selah Retreat or to donate to the Charlotte Helen Bacon Selah Scholarship, please visit

Headshot: Joel Bacon

Joel Bacon

Joel is the father of two children, Guy and Charlotte, and husband to JoAnn. Joel is a Sr. Project Manager in Development & Engineering for ASML based in Wilton, CT. Education: PhD in Physics from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, Bachelor’s of Science in Chemistry from Gordon University. In his spare time, Joel enjoys trail running, hiking, and gardening. Joel’s favorite things to do with both Charlotte and Guy were attending family classes at Tae Kwon Do and working on small engineering projects around the house.