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September 5th, 2013

Comfort Dogs and Lighthouses

Headshot: JoAnn Bacon
JoAnn Bacon
Lighthouse Tent
Our tent at Ben’s Lighthouse Ice Cream Social!

First we had the privilege attending an event with the amazing LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs.  Board members, Ken & Dorene Murdoch, Lindie and Dan Bacon were there to greet fellow Newtowners and Christ the King congregates who came to meet these beautiful dogs.

“The LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs arrived from IL to help facilitate the permanent placement of Maggie the Comfort Dog! In addition to the 18 handlers and LCC staff, LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs Luther, Ruthie, Chewie, Hannah, Zoey, Ladel, Isaiah, Barnabas, JoJo and Gracie, along with Addie and Maggie, were there this morning.”

Later at noon,  Keith and Rhonda headed over to Trinity Church in Newtown and set up for the Ben’s Lighthouse Ice Cream Social.  Ben’s Lighthouse was kind enough to invite us to be a part of their
great event.  We enjoyed passing out cups of lemonade, awesome gifts, and sharing  Charlotte’s message of Kindness.   This was the last of the Lemonade Kit give away for the summer.  21 happy children and their families went home with kits, so look for some free lemonade in your neighborhood.
Busy Saturday, but we wouldn’t want it any other way.

Headshot: JoAnn Bacon

JoAnn Bacon

JoAnn, along with husband Joel, co-founded the Charlotte Helen Bacon Foundation to honor the way their little girl lived so boldly. She and Joel also published the children’s books Good Dogs, Great Listeners and The Dogs of Newtown, written by their son and Charlotte’s older brother. JoAnn is committed to de-stigmatizing grief and bereavement, particularly child loss. Her writing has been featured in many national publications including TIME, Modern Loss, and The Mighty.