Mission Statement

Honoring the life of Charlotte Helen Bacon, so all may know her and be boldly inspired. We establish and support programs that share Charlotte’s passion,​ kindness and tender ​care for animals, children and families.

Who We Are

The family and friends of Charlotte Helen Bacon. Charlotte was a precocious, independent, and joyful 6 year old. Charlotte died on December 14, 2012 at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. We are a foundation grounded in our love for Charlotte, all that she was, and all that she aspired to be.

What We Do

The Foundation is helping to fund different programs and organizations that are consistent with our mission statement and goal to help support animals, children and families. Each program and organization we support is hand selected and held up to the standard – is it good enough for Charlotte?. After all, she is the “soul” reason for this foundation, and it is her innocent, exuberant, and  joyful life that inspires us and allows us to see beyond her violent death. We honor Charlotte Helen Bacon, because her life is worth remembering.

Programs, Scholarships, & Initiatives

  • Charlotte’s Litter Therapy Dog Program. Supporting school-based therapy dog programs through funding. Advocating for the use of therapy/comfort dogs through our published children’s books, Good Dogs, Great Listeners and The Dogs of Newtown. This program honors Charlotte’s eternal love for dogs.
  • The Charlotte Bacon Veterinarian Scholarship. A fully endowed scholarship, through North Carolina State Veterinary Medicine, is awarded annually to two 1st -3rd year veterinary students with significant service to children in an educational or community setting. This scholarship honors Charlotte’s dream of becoming a veterinarian.
  • The Charlotte Bacon Selah Scholarship. A scholarship that helps bereaved couples that are grieving a death of a child. Providing funding for grief counselling and retreats. This scholarship honors Charlotte’s absence from our lives.
  • The Charlotte Bacon Bereavement and Grief Research Initiative. Supporting organizations that care for bereaved families and grief research. This initiative honors the heartbreaking journey of bereaved families who have suffered the death of a beloved child.