Our Books

The power of animals and particularly a dogs’ positive influence is a common theme of the Charlotte Helen Bacon Foundation. To further illustrate human and canine connection and to enhance our Charlotte’s Litter program, two children’s books were published. The books are tools that help support our Charlotte’s Litter mission and all proceeds from book sales directly support programs for the Charlotte Helen Bacon Foundation.  Through our Charlotte’s Litter program we have donated over 500 books of Good Dogs, Great Listeners and The Dogs of Newtown to schools and their students nationwide. To find out more about our books and share the power of the human and canine relationships with your children, please visit us at http://www.gooddogsgreatlisteners.com/.

Good Dogs, Great Listeners –The Story of Charlotte, Lily and the Litter

Authored by Renata Bowers & Charlotte’s parents, and illustrated by Michael Chesworth. The book illustrates the strong bond between Charlotte and her dog Lily, and shares Charlotte’s joy, bold imagination, and her discovery of reading along the way. Good Dogs, Great Listeners is being used in classroom settings and educational environments to support literacy and reading development.

The Dogs of Newtown

Authored by Charlotte’s older brother, shares the story of the therapy dogs that visited Newtown schools after the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Told through the voice and eyes of an eleven year old boy who was inspired by the therapy dogs that helped so many. Charlotte’s brother pays tribute to these dedicated friends and helpers in an honest and heartfelt testimony. The Dogs of Newtown is being used in schools to support social and emotional development through the human and canine connection. This book empowers children to be the author of their own story.

Book reviews from our most important critics:

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Bacon, I love your book. Your dogs look cute and your names are Charlotte, Lily, and the Litter. And your dogs are nice. And now I read it in school with my teacher. Her name is Mrs. Tara.” – 1st Grade student ~ DiLoreto School

Dear Bacon family, Thank you for the book. I like when Charlotte read to Lily. It was very nice.” –  1st Grade Student from Gaffney School.

Dear Guy, Thank you for donating the Dogs of Newtown. I really enjoyed the book. I liked this book because I love dogs and that is why some day I hope to get a dog. Your book inspired me. When my teacher was reading, I was really paying attention. Thank you for the book.” – 3rd Grade student at Consolidated School District of New Britain

Dear Guy, Thank you for donating this wonderful and sweet book. It made me smile when my teacher read it. I felt bad for the things everyone went through. I loved the details you put in your book, the Dogs of Newtown. It’s the sweetest thing ever!” – 3rd grade student at Consolidated School District of New Britain