The Newtown Norm

The Newtown Norm

Ok, writing a blog: for me, this is most certainly ‘out of the norm’ – a first, ever, to be exact. But what is ‘in the norm’ in Newtown nowadays? ‘Normal’ was extinguished on the morning of December 14, 2012. The new norm is far from normal. The new norm includes mourning and grieving. But the new norm also includes reprioritizing our lives. The new norm gives us perspective. The new norm has focused us on positively impacting the world. The new norm, we hope, will be about fostering kindness in our children. And the Newtown kids will lead the way!

Last week was filled with achievements for our Charlotte Bacon Act of Kindness program. Most importantly, we met with about 200 of our Newtown 5th graders. Charlotte’s brother, Guy, and I led the kids through some really interactive, fun discussions and games about kindness. The kids’ excitement and interest were amazing. The most gratifying result of the event came four days later, when a recipient of an Act of Kindness (AoK) contacted us! A 5th grader had completed an AoK for a 1st grader from Sandy Hook Elementary School. Charlotte’s ‘Kindness Card’ was passed along with the act.

The Newtown kids are leading the way.
 We are grateful to Mrs. King (and the other teachers) for welcoming us in; she will continue on as a leader of change in our school system and we are inspired and heartened by her words, “The students are very excited about the idea of “paying forward” an act of kindness, that will then be passed on even further to someone else. The potential ripple effect means that their simple act of kindness can have far reaching impact, and as long as everyone keeps the promise to pass it on, who knows where it will lead? All of this only goes to show what we have known all along: Kids have the power to change the world, and Newtown kids are leading the way.” 
The new norm.

Share the Kindness!

Share the Kindness!


  1. gary seri 10 years ago


  2. Pam VanOstenbridge 10 years ago

    And there are a lot of people willing to follow!

  3. Amy Cuddy 10 years ago

    Beautiful. Thank you, Aaron.

  4. Brenda Assisi 10 years ago

    It’s wonderful how the kids are using this kindess act in memory of Charlotte and all of the other children. I feel it is important that these good deeds are instilled in our children because they pave the way to our future. I think about your daughter and pray for your family everyday. God bless!

  5. Geri Mariano 10 years ago

    By and large, I believe children are naturally born “helpers” … this movement will surely be a lasting legacy to the children of Newtown.

  6. Dianne Brickley 10 years ago

    I am Charlotte’s aunt in MN and I want to let you know that the Charlotte Bacon Act of Kindness award is here as well. Charlotte has a second cousin that is in the 1st grade and he attends Southview Elementary in Eagan MN. His first grade class has started the 1st Grade Blizzard of Kindness and there is a whole wall of snowflakes! This will continue each month with a different theme. Thank you for all you have done for my Joel, JoJo and Guy and their entire extended family. You have no idea how this has helped. God Bless You.

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