Selah Scholarship

Charlotte Helen Bacon Selah Scholarship

The Charlotte Helen Bacon Selah Scholarship is a scholarship that will help a bereaved couple that is grieving a death of a child. The couple will attend the annual Selah Retreat offered through the MISS Foundation. Selah translates: Pause, Reflect – Fully Inhabited Grief. The MISS Foundation has been a great source of support to the Bacon family. They are honored to help another family discover the MISS Foundation and support this family’s grief journey as they honor and remember their beloved child. For more information on the Selah Retreat or to donate to the Charlotte Helen Bacon Selah Scholarship, please visit the Miss Foundation.

We thank you with our hearts in our hands. Thank you and your beloved Charlotte. We are honored to be here and experience the Selah retreat.” ~2016 family recipient of the Charlotte Helen Bacon Selah Scholarship and parents to Matthew

From us all, we thank you and Charlotte, your giving and caring hearts. With love” ~ Dr. Joanne Cacciatore, founder of the MISS Foundation & mother of Cheyenne.

Selah Retreat the Bacons with Rachel

JoAnn and Joel with friend Rachel, Zaadi’s mama, at the 2017 Selah Retreat

Selah Retreat Center

Selah Retreat Center