Practice kindness and be extreme

Practice kindness and be extreme

For the majority of people in Newtown, the past 7 weeks have mostly revolved around extreme sadness.  I know many people have felt emotional impacts around the globe, but I also know much of our country has shifted into discussions regarding guns, mental health, video games, security, etc.  As I personally rise up through different levels of consumed sadness, I overhear some of these conversations. I understand the necessity for some of these debates.  I also understand some aspect of every side of these discussions.  But why are there so many extreme stances with the answer as:  all or nothing, fix one not all, and it can only be black or white?  The real opportunities are in the middle, gray, and all of these.  Extreme beliefs leave us with little progress and debates that run through Capitol Hill.

Except: Extreme kindness.

Extreme kindness can be managed by all of us individually and collectively.  No bill will require a signature.  No person, company, or amendment will be responsible for blame.  People will not have to assume position on either side of the line in the sand.  We can manage this every day.  This is the one agenda in which we cannot be too extreme.  No one can question too many compliments or too many nice gestures.  No one can argue with parents who instill an honorable belief system in their children.  No one can disagree with fostering life-long contributors to society.  No one can debate the other side of being extremely kind.   We cannot promise results on the aforementioned topics, but I can promise results on this one.

Practice kindness and be extreme.


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