Finalists 2017

  • Alexa Pascucci – Finalist

    Alexa Pascucci – Finalist

    “In 2015, my best friend and I started Packages for Kid Fighters, an organization that sends small care packages...

  • Jonas Corona – Finalist

    Jonas Corona – Finalist

    Jonas began volunteering at the age of 4 in downtown Los Angeles’ Skid Row. Two years later, he decided...

  • Avery Wood – Finalist

    Avery Wood – Finalist

    “When I was five, I told my mom we needed to help more. So we started Avery’s Art. First...

  • Kaitlyn Martinez – Finalist

    Kaitlyn Martinez – Finalist

    Kaitlyn Martinez founded the organization Backpacks 4 Kids AZ  when one of her friends failed a homework assignment because...

  • Violet Humble – Finalist

    Violet Humble – Finalist

    Violet Humble is a 9 year old with a passion for helping the homeless. After spending much of her...

  • Chase Hartman and Vance Tomasi – Finalists

    Chase Hartman and Vance Tomasi – Finalists

    Kidpreneurs Chase Hartman and Vance Tomasi have collected over 27,000 books and donated over 24,500 to more than 31...

  • Lawrence Jia – Finalist

    Lawrence Jia – Finalist

    Lawrence Jia, a sophomore in high school, was devastated as he comforted his friend who had just lost his...

  • Colin Kosmicki – Finalist

    Colin Kosmicki – Finalist

    “My name is Colin, I am 10 years old.  I started Warm Hearts Warm Bodies when I was 5...

  • Shreya Sinha – Finalist

    Shreya Sinha – Finalist

    “Growing up, I have always been passionate about a multitude of causes surrounding the welfare of animals and children....

  • Alexa Grabelle – Finalist

    Alexa Grabelle – Finalist

    Founded by Alexa Grabelle in 2011 at age 10, Bags of Books has supplied 100,000 books to underprivileged children...