Finalists 2016

  • Hailey Fort – Finalist

    Hailey Fort – Finalist

    Hailey’s Harvest was founded in 2011 by Hailey Fort when she was only 6 years old. In the beginning,...

  • Mandi Simon – Finalist

    Mandi Simon – Finalist

    At the age of seven, Mandi knew she wanted to make a difference in the lives of others and...

  • Zach Morgan – Finalist

    Zach Morgan – Finalist

    Zach Morgan founded Zach’s Lidz for Kidz in 2013.  After seeing several St. Jude’s commercials he wanted to make...

  • Sami, Nattie and Stephi Petersen – Finalist

    Sami, Nattie and Stephi Petersen – Finalist

    Sami, Nattie and Stephi love to volunteer through their non-profit, SHIFT Scoliosis. SHIFT empowers children and families marginalized by...

  • Madison Shaw – Finalist

    Madison Shaw – Finalist

    Maddie is the founder and leader of Maddie’s Herd, and she is determined to have more victories than setbacks...

  • Isabella Griffin – Finalist

    Isabella Griffin – Finalist

    Isabella Griffin is the founder of Be A Buddy Not A Bully, and started her program after some experiences...

  • Corinne Hindes – Finalist

    Corinne Hindes – Finalist

    Corinne Hindes at age 11, noticed a homeless man near her home without a coat on a cold winter’s...

  • Isabelle and Katherine Adams – Finalists

    Isabelle and Katherine Adams – Finalists

    Isabelle and Katherine Adams. Isabelle is in the 6th grade.  She helped found Paper For Water over 4 years...

  • Riley Gantt – Finalist

    Riley Gantt – Finalist

    Riley Gantt is now 15 but started an organization called Rainbow Pack some 5 years ago.  Rainbow Pack is...

  • Josh Seides – Finalist

    Josh Seides – Finalist

    Josh Seides a senior high school student in Atlanta, Georgia and the founder of the national nonprofit Technocademy, Inc....

  • Katie Prior – Finalist

    Katie Prior – Finalist

    Katie Prior is the 15 year old founder of the Youth Trumpet & Taps Corps that trains, supports, and...