Letter to Parents


We know that there are many ways to make charitable contributions to support the Newtown community. We would like to call your attention to our organization, Newtown Kindness, as our mission is to encourage and facilitate kindness.  We believe that kindness should be a guiding principle of humanity.  Participation can have long-term sustainable impacts on society.

We thought that you would be particularly interested in this endeavor as it provides a gentle way for this experience to have a positive influence on our children and at the same time teach them a valuable life skill. We understand that there are many levels of comprehension by our children, from those directly affected by this tragedy to those not aware of the situation at all. We also understand that it is an appropriate reaction for parents to desire to give back to Newtown as well as determine what level they would like their children to comprehend this tragedy.

This program is administered by family friend and Newtown resident, Aaron Carlson, and is supported by Joel and JoAnn Bacon, the parents of Charlotte.

Below are a few forms that you may print and use on your kindness journey:

General Release Form

Kindness Cards

AOK Submission Forms

Newtown Kindness Press Release

Charlotte Bacon Act of Kindness Winners 2013 Press Release