Kindness at the Newtown Pumpkin Festival!

Kindness at the Newtown Pumpkin Festival!

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On 10/12, thousands of people from Newtown and surrounding towns came together for the 1st Annual Newtown Pumpkin Festival!  It was a great showing of vendors, foundations, food, bands, and most importantly – PUMPKINS!  People carved their pumpkins and brought them in for a 600pm lighting which was displayed for everyone on the Fairfield Hills grounds.  An overall amazing day for volunteers and participants alike.

Newtown Kindness represented with one of the largest productions to discuss our two pillar programs, The Second Annual Charlotte Bacon Act of Kindness Awards and Charlotte’s Litter.  We had over 300 children take ‘The Kindness Pledge’, receive their kindness sticker, then take a free spin on The Kindness Wheel!  Free candy was available for all kids thanks to our sponsors, Nestle and Hershey.  The kids also received free entry into our Kindness Raffle…so we were the lucky ones when we created smiles as we delivered prizes, including bikes, for local kids following the event.  NK also represented with a free lollipop game for all of the children — more CANDY and more PRIZES!  We are just getting geared up for Halloween.

Also in attendance was The Alternate Routes, singing their new song to support Newtown Kindness, ‘Nothing More’!  Check it out here:

Kids, smiles, and kindness inspiration for everyone involved.  Another fun event in Newtown as our kids lead the way in delivering kindness and encouraging others!

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  1. Heidi 8 years ago

    I would like to send my deepest thanks , to the people of Newtownand their strength to move on with such conviction after such loss. I draw strenght from you to continue my path of carrying a message of peace and strength to everyone I touch. My mother was a true believer of unconditional love , forgivness and compassion. She taught me this as I walked along side of my brother who was mentally ill. He never hurt anyone but did take his own life back in 2008.
    Both my mother and brother have passed but it doesn’t mean I can’t continue to be a spokes person for the mentally ill, who need the most understanding; so that tragedies like Newtown, don’t happen again.

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