Charlotte’s Tae Kwon Do Scholarship Winner 2014

Charlotte’s Tae Kwon Do Scholarship Winner 2014

Daniel Michael

Newtown Kindness is proud to present Charlotte’s Tae Kwon Do Scholarship to Daniel Michael. Daniel is no stranger to acts of kindness. He loves making gifts for his friends and family, and often helps his sister create gifts as well. During a recent school food drive, Daniel was so committed that his backpack was stuffed almost to the point where he couldn’t carry it. On top of this, Daniel also donates part of his allowance to a charity of his choosing; proving that no kind act is too small to make a difference.

Daniel says he loves Tae Kwan Do because it helps with his focus, and he likes taking Tae Kwan Do because he “really wants to do a split”. Congratulations Daniel, you’re an inspiration and a terrific role model for us all. Good luck in doing that split!


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