Charlotte’s Litter

Charlotte's Litter

Charlotte Bacon

Due to Covid -19 and the impact on schools opening and running as normal in the fall, the Charlotte Helen Bacon Foundation has made to decision to pause our Charlotte’s Litter Therapy Dog grants for August 2020. The foundation will assess the current situation in December and make a decision regarding resuming grants during the next grant cycle that is scheduled for February 2021. We are saddened that there will be no funding available during our August grant cycle but feel confident that when schools are able and ready to embrace the love of therapy dogs again, Charlotte’s Litter will be there to help.

As we pause Charlotte’s Litter, we have turned our focus to supporting our Grief and Bereavement Initiative. During these times, the need for this support is even more obvious. Be on the lookout as we share progress in this area.

Charlotte’s Litter, a program supported by Charlotte Helen Bacon Foundation, was founded in honor of Charlotte Helen Bacon, a young avid dog lover, who tragically lost her life on December 14, 2012 in Sandy Hook, CT. We, her family and friends, received comfort and love bestowed upon us from local Comfort and Therapy dogs. In honor of our Charlotte and the care we received, Charlotte’s Litter was founded.

The program’s aim is to advocate for animal assisted activity with Therapy/Comfort Dogs and their roles as supportive friends and trusted companions.  We strive to create turnkey programs that make Therapy/Comfort Dogs accessible to every man, woman, and child.

To learn more about the Charlotte’s Litter program, please go to:


Dalmation by Charlotte Bacon

Dalmatian by Charlotte Bacon

Lily by Charlotte Bacon

Lily by Charlotte Bacon

Puppy Poodle by Charlotte Bacon

Puppy Poodle by Charlotte Bacon