An Act of Kindness in the UK

An Act of Kindness in the UK

(below text received via email):


I live in a small village in Lancashire in the UK, but have been really touched by the tragedy at Sandy Hook & the following pledges to undertake Acts of Kindness in honour of the victims, not least because I have a 6 year old daughter who I cannot imagine losing in such a shocking way 🙁

Anyway, though the news story here is no longer reported on, I have followed the US online & have also joined many of the memorial FB pages, which keep the victims in my daily thoughts & prayers. These pages strengthened my desire to undertake my own acts of kindness here in the UK even though perhaps the recipients here are not as familiar with the concept!

I printed out cards online so I would be prepared should an opportunity arrive for me to pounce on an unsuspecting person, and low & behold, Friday turned out to be the perfect day! In the course of my usual rushing around in the morning, trying to get errands done before I had to collect my 4 year old from nursery, I decided to pop into our village cafe to buy a couple of cakes to liven up my afternoon with a friend. On my way in, I spotted a couple with a young child (perhaps aged around 2) go in ahead of me & seizing my chance I insisted they order at the counter before me. Well, by this time I was totally in a nervous panic, but determined to proceed, I waited till after the lady placed their order for drinks & cakes & then interrupted her by saying ‘don’t worry, I’ll get this’ & offered my money to the girl at the counter. The lady was totally bemused & even more so when I nervously tried to explain my reason! Words failing me, I gave the lady a printed card starting my act of kindness was in honour of Charlotte Bacon. She read the card & asked if it was a worldwide initiative, to which I replied ‘I hoped it was’. As I escaped out of the cafe, I heard the lady explaining to her equally surprised husband what a lovely thing it was to honour the victims with kindness. I left elated & full of joy that I had managed to do something constructive in the world. I truly felt I had the joy of 26 angels in my heart on Friday morning.

Best wishes,

Kerry x